End of the road

It is the end of the road for jSunnyreports. After almost 13 years I find myself in a situation where I neither have time nor the motivation to work on jSunnyreports anymore.



If you want to develop jSunnyreports further feel free to do so. Please take into account that jSunnyreports was developed in my spare time and getting things working was more important than quality. Also jSunnyreports was a testing ground for me to experiment with multithreaded code and code optimalizations. There are several sections that are poorly written and are in need for some serious refactoring. When I started JSR I was using Java 1.4, and much of the code is, to this date, still compatible with that version. I never really had the time to implement all the nifty features new Java version have to offer.

  • version 2.7.1 sources
  • Greetings

    I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and used jSunnyreports since the beginning in 2008. I never would have guessed that jSunnyreports would be used all over the world by hundreds of people.